Musical Fidelity M6x DAC

Written by EISA Staff EISA Staff
Published: 14 August 2022 14 August 2022

EISA DAC 2022-2023

Hailing from the DAC pioneer, Musical Fidelity’s M6x DAC is a worthy successor to the Digilog model that started it all – in 1988. There’s a lot going on behind its unassuming but finely crafted aluminium chassis, including a bespoke clock solution and pair of the latest ESS DAC chips operating as a dual mono design, supporting hi-res material to 768kHz/32-bit and DSD512. Put into action, it delivers amazing insight, imaging and detail, with eight filters available to fine-tune its sound to your taste. Inputs, including USB-B and AES/EBU, will cover just about every digital source. And the M6x DAC isn’t just an excellent addition to a speaker-based separates system – there’s a fine headphone amplifier built-in too…