Argon Audio TT-4

Written by EISA Staff EISA Staff
Published: 14 August 2022 14 August 2022


Although a relatively young brand, Argon Audio has become one of the largest turntable manufacturers in Scandinavia, and its flagship but still affordable TT-4 shows why. This deck is all about pitch-perfect, accurate music replay, aided by a 1.5kg platter, heavyweight MDF plinth and vibration-damping feet – even the 8.9in carbon-fibre tonearm features an ATS (Anisotropic Torsion Stabiliser) system to minimise resonances. Ease of use is aided by the TT-4’s integrated, high-quality RIAA phono preamp, electronic speed control and prefitted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. And with its timeless combination of wood veneer, black and white chassis options, this overperforming turntable is a bit of a looker too…