To Doug Schneider,

Just a few quick comments.

First of all, great insight on the historic perspective of active speakers. I still own the Paradigm Active/40s, and have been very reluctant to give those up. They serve as a second system, but remain a solid pair of speakers.

It looks like the age of active speakers has finally come. I may consider a purchase down the road, now that there are potentially a lot more options on the market.

Thanks for the write up.

United States

I am not surprised you’re reluctant to part with your Active/40s -- Paradigm was on the right path when they designed the series that model was part of. It’s really too bad they discontinued them. As to whether active speakers will finally catch on, there’s never been a better time than now, but we’ll still have to wait and see what actually happens. Thank you for writing in! . . . Doug Schneider