To Doug Schneider,

I'm not surprised by what you heard with the Luxman C-900u preamplifier. I've always lusted secretly after a Luxman, and now I scored my present L-503s. This integrated was made in Japan before the present 505 series and is a very rare bird. But oh does it make the Cambridge Aero 6es sing. I find the sound very engaging, constantly drawing me into the music. When it’s playing I can't get anything done. If I wanted something better (and don't we all), I would go to the L-550AX or L-590AX.


After I listened to the C-900u and M-900u together, I came to fully understand the popularity of this brand. As a result, I'm not surprised by what you say about the L-503s. By the way, my M-900u amplifier review will be published in December or January. After that, we hope to get the L-550AX or L-590AX in for review -- likely Hans Wetzel will do it for our SoundStage! Access publication. . . . Doug Schneider