Amphion's New 3LS Loudspeaker

To Doug Schneider,

Amphion has just introduced the new Argon 3LS! This is a complete new version of the very well-reviewed 3L. Instead of the vented cabinet, there is now a passive radiator, just like the 3S model, but in a cabinet of the same size as the 3L.

I have the Argon 3Ls myself, and I am very happy with them, playing in a Lyngdorf TDAI-2170/SDA-2400 system. I hope that you, as soon as possible, will make a review of the new Argon and compare it to the 3L.

Best regards,
Thomas Nielsen

It’s interesting that you bring the 3LS up, because Brent Butterworth just wrote about it when he covered CEDIA Expo. Brent’s description of the 3LS seems to confirm that the company is moving away from ported designs to ones with passive radiators, since this is the second new model configured like that.

Will we be reviewing a pair? We plan to ask the people at Amphion and see what comes of it. If we do review the 3L, chances are it will be assigned to Philip Beaudette, who already owns a pair of 3Ls and would be in the position to compare. . . . Doug Schneider