To Garrett Hongo,

I enjoyed reading the review of the Hegel Mohican CD player. I am considering purchasing this player and have read a few reviews for it, but none of the reviews I’ve read mention whether the player is silent in operation, if there is any mechanical noise from the transport, or hum. As I sit close to my kit this is an important factor for me when purchasing new hi-fi.

Kind regards,
Robert H.
United Kingdom

Aloha Robert, glad you enjoyed the Hegel Mohican review. Your question about its quietness of operation is a very good one! I had noticed no noise whatsoever during the entire time of evaluation, but, just to be sure, I played it silently just a moment ago and it is absolutely dead quiet. No transport noise at all. It’s an important point I should have noted in my review, in fact, so I’m very glad for the chance to put that on the record. Thank you for asking. . . . Garrett Hongo