To Hans Wetzel,

Great and informative article on the [Luxman] L-550AX. I am thinking of buying one but I am worried that it might not have enough power to drive my Spendor D7 floorstanders in a medium-sized room (4m x 6m). I am running a MacBook to the stunning Questyle CMA800i DAC-headphone amp. Any thoughts?

Cheers and thanks,

Corey Tai
United States

Spendor’s D7 is specified as having a sensitivity of 90dB (1W/m), which is above average. Combined with the fact that Luxman rates their amps’ power outputs very conservatively, and that your room isn’t particularly large, I think the L-550AX would be a fine choice provided that you won’t be playing organ music at ear-splitting levels. Do it! . . . Hans Wetzel