New Amp for Focal Sopra No2s -- Or Maybe Not

To Doug Schneider,

First, thanks for a great article on the Focal Sopra No2 -- really informative and helpful.

Based on your (and others) review, I’m buying a pair from the UK without hearing them -- ex-demo, so I can almost afford them! I’m based in New Zealand and being able to listen to them has proved too tricky.

My amp is a Yamaha AS-2000. It’s a good, powerful amp (I currently have Monitor Audio RX8 speakers), but I’m nervous it might be too bright and fail to get the best out of the Sopras.

I’m spending most of my money on the Sopras, so have limited funds for a new amp, except for what I get for the sale of my current equipment plus a bit.

Finally, my question: Can you please recommend an affordable amp for the Sopras?

Thanks for your time.

New Zealand

Insofar as affordable amplifiers go, I’d look to brands such as NAD, Cambridge Audio, Anthem, NuPrime, Bryston, as well as a few others. If money is a problem, you could definitely consider buying something used – there are definitely some great deals out there.

But before you go and sell your amp, I suggest getting your speakers in and trying them with what you have. The No2 is fairly sensitive and pretty easy to drive. There’s a good chance your Yamaha will work just fine. In my opinion, you should just take things one step at a time and only upgrade if you really need to. . . . Doug Schneider