He Says Ken Is Correct!

To SoundStage! Hi-Fi,

It is not the fault of the shark if people slash their own wrists while standing in the ocean.

The so-called “High End” is fast becoming the butt end of the reality side of audio. Ken is, as usual, correct.

Cables . . . cables (!) that cost as much as a nicely equipped car is but one facet of the Cubic Zirconia of frAudio™ and the world of High End frAudio™ is a multi-facted lump of Zirconia, my friend.

Some frAudiophiles™ squeal like piggies (a tip o’ the fedora to George Harrison and the Beatles) when they claim they are being “insulted” by realists. The truth of the matter is this: They do not deserve to lay claim to a point of view when all they see is their ego reflected in the mirror of their minds.

Scott S.
United States