Revel's Salon2 -- Still One of the Best After All These Years?

To Doug Schneider,

Despite its age, I think the Revel Salon2 is still one of the best-sounding speakers you can buy at any price. In a recent shootout against its much-lauded stable mate, the JBL M2, the Salon2 was a clear winner (see AVS Forum thread). The [GoldenEar Technology] Triton Reference probably goes lower, but aside from that, do you think it matches the Salon2?

United Kingdom

It’s funny you should bring the Salon2 up in that way. Just the other day, I was mentioning to editor-in-chief Jeff Fritz that the Salon2 is one of the best values in high-end loudspeakers in the last ten years (I think it was released in 2007), and that it is still competitive with many speakers today. In a nutshell, I agree with you. (I haven’t seen the AVS thread yet, however, but we linked it in your text and I will certainly look at it.)

Insofar as the Triton Reference goes, you’re correct that it goes deeper in the bass than the Salon2 does. As far as the rest of the frequency range goes, I’d still give the nod to the Salon2, though the Triton Reference gets pretty close in many ways. Mind you, that’s not a slight against the Triton Reference. As far as I know, the Salon2 is still current and sells for about $22,000 per pair, whereas the Reference is about $8500 per pair. What that tells you is that the Reference is a tremendous value as far as sonic performance goes and that the Salon2 still holds up sonically, despite being ten years old, which is a testament to truly great product design. . . . Doug Schneider