Naim and Magico

To Hans Wetzel,

Thank you for your superb and meaningful review of the Magico S1 Mk.II. It may be the best, most useful speaker review I have read in the past 50 years. One question if I may: Do you think my Naim NAC 552 [preamplifier] and Naim NAP 300 DR [amplifier] have enough power to drive these speakers? I rarely listen to anything other than classical, favoring chamber, baroque, and a lot of Mozart and Beethoven at relatively low volume. I live in an apartment and wish to be sensitive to the comfort of others. Thank you again for this meaningful review.

Charles Fisch
United States

The short answer is yes. With a sensitivity of 83dB, the S1 requires more power than your average loudspeaker. Given that you generally listen at low volume, however, your Naim amp’s 90Wpc into 8 ohms should be more than enough for your needs. If you start listening at high volume with any regularity, I would definitely think about investing in a more powerful amplifier. . . . Hans Wetzel