A 24/7 Mohican?

To Garrett Hongo,

I just read your most excellent review of the [Hegel Music Systems Mohican CD player]. Can you advise if it should be powered up 24/7? I have always been advised that this is the way to go with digital products but wondered if you had any input.

Martin Taylor
United States

Aloha Martin, thanks for your appreciation!

I’d heard that same thing about digital components back when I first got into audio. And I kept a player on 24/7 until I got a nasty sound from it some time down the line. I guessed it was a capacitor discharging and the retail seller I bought it from said my guess was good as any. There was no damage or other malfunction, but, after that, I just turned my players off when not in use. . . . Garrett Hongo