A Subwoofer for the Muraudio SP1s?

To Doug Schneider,

Are you trying any subwoofer(s) during your review of the Muraudio SP1s? I was curious how subs might integrate with those speakers as they have drivers radiating in different directions and patterns.

United States

I won’t be trying a subwoofer with the Muraudio SP1s, not that someone couldn’t try to integrate one or more if they really want to. Whenever I review a speaker, or any other component for that matter, I don’t add anything extra to the mix. My goal with any review is to describe the product as supplied -- and only the product.

To your point about differing directions and patterns, that’s worth addressing. When you get down into the lowest frequencies of the audioband, where subwoofers operate, the soundwaves are more or less omnidirectional in a room. As a result, how the SP1’s midrange-woofers are oriented shouldn’t have any effect on how well a pair will blend with one or more subwoofers should someone go that route. . . . Doug Schneider