Dynaudio versus Dynaudio


I read your review of the Dynaudio Focus 360 with interest. It was very tempting, thorough, and authoritative. I am thinking of the Confidence C2 model for considerably more money. Do you have any opinion regarding how they would compare? Thanking you in advance.

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You should certainly hear the 360 before you spend almost twice the money on the C2. Frankly, I don’t see the advantage of going up to the C2 when the Focus 360 offers so much. For instance, I'd rather have a three-way design (360) than a two-way (C2), as there are some performance advantages imparted by the more complex configuration. The cabinet of the 360 looks to be made to equal standards as well, and the drivers are all top-spec Dynaudio, including the Esotar tweeter. Basically, the Focus 360 seems like a no-brainer versus the C2 when considering the price difference and all you get with the 360. . . . Jeff Fritz