Herbie's Fat Dots

To Doug Schneider,

Your article on the affordable system with the NAD D 3020 V2 and Paradigm Monitor SE Atom speakers was very enjoyable.

You said that the speaker feet you chose were probably too expensive for the system and I have to agree with you. I have had a good experience with Herbie’s Fat Dots. They are very inexpensive [footers] and made a very sensible difference with my KEF LS50s. I’m not an experienced audiophile and therefore don’t know what are your standards for a good sound, but perhaps the Fat Dots are worth a try.


For me, these articles have been great in that I’ve had people write in with suggestions I hadn’t necessarily thought of before. In your case, it’s also a company I have never heard of, so I checked their website at www.herbiesaudiolab.com. With footers starting at just $3.29 each, I think their products are certainly worth looking into -- not only for me, but for others who might come across this message. Thanks for the tip! . . . Doug Schneider