To Doug Schneider,

I’m a strong advocate of you guys covering more entry-level gear, so the article on the under $1000 system was cool. However, including a turntable, but not a CD player (because you consider them obsolete), is rather ridiculous. Not everyone is into streaming. I don’t use any streaming service, and never will. And I don’t own a handheld god, looking at it every waking moment. I have a CD player, cable TV, a land line, and an Ethernet cable connected to my laptop, which runs on AC power, not batteries. I do finally have a flat-screen TV, ’cause my set with a CRT died. I spend as little time as possible connected, and have NO desire to become more so. And I’m glad that Hans [Wetzel] did a separate review of the [Paradigm Monitor SE] Atom, which is the least-expensive Atom in quite a while.

Doug M.
United States

I was just watching a YouTube video with Schiit Audio’s Mike Moffat, who described streaming services as sounding “like ass” compared to CDs. He thinks that there will be a CD resurgence because of that. I’m not sure I agree with him entirely, but I do recognize that there are still many people who prefer silver discs over streamed music files. Still, I believe that modern music listeners are mostly interested in streaming and vinyl, which is why I headed that way with the system. But your objection is certainly noted.

I am completely with you on Hans’s Atom review on SoundStage! Access. I have the pair here and I can tell you that this latest iteration of the Atom is a screaming bargain. In fact, the other day Hans admitted to me that he probably should have been more enthusiastic in his review. Do you remember Eeyore? Hans tends to express himself in a similar way. In hindsight, he thinks the Atom is even better than the review lets on. . . . Doug Schneider