To Doug Schneider,

Just wanted to say the [NAD D 3045] article is awesome. Amazing job. I have a question: Did you use the Tidal iOS iPhone app to stream Tidal MQA to the D 3045 via the Chromecast Audio puck? If not, how did you stream Tidal MQA to it?

United States

That’s a good question that I think many might want to know the answer to. I played the Tidal MQA songs via Roon, which works nicely because it sees any Chromecast Audio device on your network as what they call an Endpoint. Your question intrigued me, though, as to what the native Tidal app would do. I have a Samsung S8, not an iPhone, so I just opened the Android app up and, lo and behold, couldn’t find a way to play Tidal’s MQA files using it. I then went on Tidal’s website and found this statement: “Please note: Masters (MQA) will be available on TIDAL’s mobile and web applications at a later date.” Presumably that includes iOS. I’m not sure what’s taking them so long to implement it. . . . Doug Schneider