EMM Labs XDS1 Update?

To Doug Schneider,

Loved your review of the EMM Labs DA2 Reference DAC. You demonstrate such a high degree of process methodology. It sounds like EMM was “testing” you by sending you the DA2 without explaining the changes.

I purchased the EMM XDS1 in 2011 after hearing it at RMAF with several other top SACD players. I had the unit upgraded to the V2 version in 2015. It’s been the centerpiece of my audio system ever since.

I do listen to digital downloads stored on a PC server connected to the XDS1, but I still prefer SACDs, partially because I prefer physical media I can collect, but I also believe I hear a sound improvement over FLAC files.

You appear to have a good working relationship with EMM -- I wonder if you know if these DA2 software changes are applicable to the XDS1 V2?

I’d very much appreciate any information you can provide.

United States

I’m not surprised you love the XDS1. Ed Meitner, EMM Labs’ founder and chief designer, has been at the forefront of digital playback technology for decades. He was also instrumental in helping Sony get the SACD project off the ground by building their first single-bit converters. I rarely talk to Ed Meitner, but I do talk to people who work at his company whenever I have a question about one of their products. When your e-mail came in, I fired another e-mail to them and they responded that, unfortunately, the firmware changes for the DA2 aren’t applicable to the XDS1. However, looking at their website, they do have a V3 update for the XDS1, so you might want to consider that. . . . Doug Schneider