Has "System One" Stopped?

To Doug Schneider,

It is June 6th and yet no “System One” article. Has this great budget-entry-centric monthly report/article been stopped?

I hope not . . .

Steve Norene
United States

Definitely not! In fact, there’s more equipment here for it than I could’ve previously imagined coming in, including some floorstanding speakers that I’ll be writing about next month, then another turntable, an integrated amplifier, and more speakers in the months that follow. The column is also incredibly popular, so that’s another reason it’s not going away.

The problem, however, is that I have too much to do otherwise to create a feature every month -- other reviews, show reports, producing our YouTube videos, etc. As a result, as I mentioned in one of the earlier “System One” columns, those write-ups will land every month or two -- June 2019 just happens to be one of the “off” months. . . . Doug Schneider