DefTech Mythos a big upgrade?

To Roger Kanno,

I read your excellent review on SoundStage! on the Definitive Technology Mythos STS speakers and have a basic question for you. Like you did at one time, I currently have the DefTech BP-10 speakers. I have them paired to a DefTech Pro Sub 100. I’m looking to improve the clarity, crispness, and bass response of my setup and am seriously considering the Mythos STS (smaller of the two options) for my living-room theater/music listening area. Now, my question: Would you consider the Mythos a significant step up from my BP-10s and, if so, why? I'm also considering the MartinLogan Vistas. Any experience with them? Thanks in advance.

John Briehl

The BP-10s are excellent speakers, but they are close to 20 years old and speaker technology has advanced considerably in that time. The Mythos STS (and its bigger brother the ST) are clearly superior speakers and they will definitely improve upon the clarity of the BP-10s through the entire frequency range. I do not have any experience with the MartinLogan Vistas, but have the more expensive Spires in for review.

If you enjoy the spacious, bipolar sound of the BP-10s, you should investigate the new Definitive BP-8000-series SuperTower speakers. The prototypes that I heard at this year's CES sounded incredibly promising and like the Mythos ST and STS, they have powered subwoofer sections. . . . Roger Kanno