Simaudio Moon 390 and Dual Subwoofers

To Diego Estan,

The Simaudio Moon 390 review was very helpful. To confirm, did you connect the power amp through the balanced analog outputs, and at the same time connect the subwoofer with the RCA outputs?

Would it be possible to feed dedicated right and left subwoofers with the two RCA outputs -- one line going to each subwoofer? Assuming the powered subwoofer has an RCA line-level input and can filter out down to the desired Hz.

United States

Thanks for reading my review. In my setup, I only used the left and right balanced XLR outputs, and fed them to two active subs that have balanced inputs and outputs. The subs’ balanced outputs then fed my amp.

As for your question about the two RCA outputs -- both balanced and unbalanced outputs are active on the 390, so you could feed the left and right balanced outputs to an amp, providing it has balanced inputs, and the left and right unbalanced outputs to active subs with built-in low-pass filters (the Moon 390 does not have bass management, so the analog outputs are full-range). If your amplifier does not have balanced inputs, you could alternatively use Y splitters on the 390’s left and right unbalanced outputs to have the single set of RCAs drive the amplifier and subwoofers. . . . Diego Estan