Paradigm Monitor SE 3000F Vs. Q Acoustics 3050i

To Doug Schneider,

Hope all is good with you. Sorry to bother you, but I was impressed with your “System One” article about the Paradigm Monitor SE 3000F loudspeaker. I’m sending you an e-mail because I was curious about your opinion about the Paradigm Monitor SE 3000F loudspeaker versus the Q Acoustics 3050i loudspeaker. If it is not asking too much, could you give me your two cents about this comparison?

Thanks in advance and warm cheers from Brazil.


Those two speakers are good choices, but very different sounding. For example, both are reasonably flat in terms of frequency response, with well-controlled off-axis dispersion, but the 3050i goes deeper in the bass, which makes it sound fuller and warmer, while the 3000F is a little more tipped up in the highs, which makes it sound brighter and livelier. I would say that overall clarity goes to the 3000F, but the 3050i does sound smoother. Which one you like, then, is more a matter of taste. My tastes runs more to the 3000F, but if someone said they like the 3050i, I wouldn’t argue. . . . Doug Schneider