To Doug Schneider,

I’m an avid reader of the SoundStage! Network and very much enjoyed your review of the Totem Skylight. I’ve owned the Totem Mites and found that it was the only speaker that would work well in my small living room. All other bookshelf speakers I have tried from B&W, KEF, Dynaudio, and Totem (Rainmaker) were shouty and boomy in my space. I am considering the Skylight because of its small size.

Based on your experience with the Skylight, do you recommend this speaker in a small room? I listen at moderate volume (75dB-77dB) to all types of music: electronic, jazz, rock, pop. Is it an overly bass-boomy speaker? Have you had any experience with the Totem Mite, and, if so, would you be able to briefly compare the two? FYI: I listen about 6’-7’ distance in a 10’ x 14’ room. My amplifier is a Rotel A14 integrated (80Wpc).

Thank you in advance!


Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about Totem’s Mite since I’ve had no experience with that model. Looking at the Mite’s driver configuration and cabinet size, though, I can see they are roughly the same as the Skylight’s, which I think makes them promising for your situation.

Like your Mites, a pair of Skylights are best suited for smaller rooms, such as yours. You also have more than enough amplifier power to drive a pair. As for bass, the Skylight has decent bass output for such a small speaker, but I wouldn’t call it boomy or overly prominent, so, set up correctly, I can’t see why a pair wouldn’t work well for you. Give them a try -- it’s probably time for an upgrade. . . . Doug Schneider