"After 25 Years . . ." Feedback

To Doug Schneider,

Well written, sir. And to be honest, the fact that you are returning the equipment is astounding and worthy of praise.

Huzzah, indeed!

I have been thinking of giving Roon a chance, especially now that Denon has sent me a code for a two-month trial. Alas, I primarily listen to my CDs, records, and online music via SiriusXM, Pandora One, and Amazon Ultra HD.

I have roughly 14,000 or so songs on my laptops but just don’t bother. Besides, I have to either renew on a yearly basis or pay up a (to me) large amount of moolah. So, I probably will pass on the free trial period. Besides, many of my songs are unknown until I play them (i.e., no title, artist, or whatever, LOL!)

Anyhoo, I digress. Well written. You and Ken Kessler are among my top five favorite writers in audio.

Be well,
Scott S.
United States

Thanks for the feedback on the article. Insofar as Roon goes, give it a try, since you have nothing to lose. If nothing else, you’ll learn long before the two free months are over if it’s worth it to you. . . . Doug Schneider