Q Acoustics 3030i Measurements and $500/Pair Speaker Recommendations

To Doug Schneider,

Will the Q Acoustics 3030i speaker get measured? Also, what would you suggest for bookshelf speakers around $500/pair? Your recommendation list is all crazy expensive. Are there no cheap speakers with measurements?

United States

For my recommendation on speakers that cost around $500/pair, I suggest waiting until May 1, which is when my Q Acoustics 3030i writeup will be published in the “System One” space on this site and Diego Estan’s Triangle Borea BR03 review will be published on SoundStage Access!, our sister site devoted to affordable audio. The BR03 will be accompanied by measurements, but, unfortunately, due to the coronavirus lockdown, we weren’t able to measure the 3030i in time, which we would’ve liked to. But that won’t last forever. I plan to get it and several other speakers measured once we have access to the anechoic chamber again. Finally, if you want measurements of “cheap speakers,” including some from Q Acoustics, you’ll find lots if you visit www.SpeakerMeasurements.com, which will show you all the measurements we’ve done since the year 2000. . . . Doug Schneider