No Comments?

To Doug Schneider,

I did not see a comments section -- am I blind or have you eschewed soliciting the opinions and observations of your readers as have so many other “forward thinking” websites?

United States

Good question, for which we have an answer. Other than SoundStage! Solo, our headphone site, where readers can comment below each article and review, we’ve never had sections for comments on any of our other sites, and I don’t know if we ever will. The worlds of headphones and two-channel hi-fi are different. Looking at other hi-fi publications’ websites where commenting is allowed, those sections often get full of vitriol and nonsense in no time at all. That stuff doesn’t do anyone any good, so we’ve never wanted to invite that. But we’ve never discouraged getting feedback from our readers, publishing it, and answering if warranted, which we’ve found to be a more valuable asset for our readers. This is precisely why we’ve always made each writer’s e-mail address publicly accessible near the bottom of each article and review. This message from you is evidence of that system working. I hope that explains our stance. . . . Doug Schneider