To Erich Wetzel,

I’ve just read your evaluation of the Schiit Audio Yggdrasil DAC with Analog 1 vs. Analog 2 board comparison, and liked the article a lot because I’m contemplating buying the GS model with the “old” Analog 1 boards installed with updated software. I’m not a musician or audiophile, but wish to have a bit better gear at a more affordable price. I intend to use the “Yggy” to interpret signals from my music server [I keep my CDs ripped in WAV]. I tried Cambridge Audio DACs, but keep searching for a bit better. So, would you say that [an Yggdrasil with] the Analog 1 would be an okay sound investment? And finally, I want gear that was not produced in China, but in the US. Thanks for your time!

Sandor Zsarnoczay

My brother Erich, who wrote the review, is no longer writing for the SoundStage! Network, but I reached out to him for feedback regarding your question. Here’s what he had to say:

“In comparison with the full price of $2449 for the current model with the Analog 2 boards, the Yggdrasil GS at $1599 is something of a steal. Like they say on the product page, ‘Yes, we still think the Analog 2 sounds better. Yes, we're weird.’ I agree that the Analog 2 version does have a more refined sound. However, the greater-than-50% price increase to step up from the Yggdrasil GS to the current model with the Analog 2 boards is a big leap considering the subtlety of the sonic changes. Processing and firmware are identical on the Yggdrasil GS, and the sound is still outstanding with the Analog 1 output. And now the Yggdrasil GS version gets it for you at a bargain price.”

Sounds like a no-brainer to me, Sandor. If I were in your shoes, I’d opt for the Yggdrasil GS, too. Finally, all of Schiit’s products are definitely manufactured in the United States. . . . Hans Wetzel