Measurements and the Vivid Audio Giya G2 Series 2 Speakers

To Doug Schneider,

I read with great interest your article on the new Vivid Audio Giya G2 Series 2. I didn’t see a link to NRC measurements. Will you be adding links later?

Best Regards,
United States

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, NRC’s anechoic chamber is closed, though we’re hoping to see it open in a couple of weeks. When it does open, we will be measuring many speakers we have reviewed and will review. For those that have been reviewed already, the links are obviously going in after the fact, but it’ll still be useful information. That said, we cannot do that for all the speakers -- some had to be sent back to the manufacturers already. The Giya G2 Series 2 is an example -- the pair I had left about a month ago. It’s too bad that’s the case, but we all obviously hope this pandemic and the subsequent worldwide lockdown is only a one-in-a-lifetime experience and will not impact us again. . . . Doug Schneider