To Doug Schneider,

Very thorough Vivid Audio B1 review -- thank you. The B1 is a speaker that I've been eyeing for a while and your review is the first I've ever seen mention the 300Hz dip. 

Per your review, you eventually got it sorted out in your room, but much closer to the front and side walls than normal. I realize that rooms are different, but where did these speakers end up in relationship to the walls and your listening position in order to make them sing? I'm trying to figure out if they'd work in my room.

Thanks much,
Chris Gossard 

I wouldn’t say I place them much closer, just somewhat closer. However, the main thing to know is that every room will be different, and that mine is unusual compared to many because it’s quite large so I can accommodate all kinds of speakers, particularly really big ones. How the B1s behave in your room will likely be different.

What I’d actually like to have played with more is setting up the B1s in a smaller-sized room, something more indicative of the rooms that most consumers would have. I suspect that with walls that are inherently closer, the effect of the dip in front and behind would be far less and the speakers would be much easier to set up.

But regardless of the size of your room, try to hear the B1 or one of the other Vivid speaker models. Many aspects of the B1's performance represent the state of the art and someone shopping for the very best sound would be missing out if they didn't hear these before they buy something else. . . . Doug Schneider