Q Acoustics or Wharfedale for Rock and Metal?

To Doug Schneider,

Even though I’m from Poland, I really like your articles.

I’m looking for a speaker for rock and metal. I don’t like the sound too lean, dry, and sterile. I prefer saturated sound, more sweet, and less technical, but still constructively detailed. I don’t like, however, when the bass kills the rest of the audioband and the treble is too much hidden.

I’m thinking about the Wharfedale Linton Heritage or Q Acoustics 3050i. Which one is the best choice? Maybe you can suggest something else. Which of these speakers have better imaging? Reportedly, a pair of Lintons are not masters of imaging.

Have a nice day!


I could name off a dozen or more speakers that might do the trick, but when narrowed down to those two, for your requirements, there’s no question that Wharfedale’s Linton Heritage is the way to go. I know because I reviewed and lived with both speakers for a long time. The Linton can play really loud without strain, plus it has great bass that won’t cloud the rest of the audioband, as well as highs prominent enough that they won’t go unnoticed. With the 3050i, I think the bass could obscure the midrange and its highs might not stand out enough for you.

The Linton’s overall sound, while not overly saturated and sweet, leans a little that way, which I think you will like. Your point about imaging is true, however -- a pair doesn’t cast the most precise imaging or the most spacious soundstage. I think that has mostly to do with the Linton’s enclosure being so large (which definitely helps out the bass) and with many sharp edges. That big cabinet and those hard edges present obstructions that interfere with the launching of the soundwaves from its drivers. On the other hand, no affordably priced speaker can do everything, so I can’t knock the Linton too much for having minor deficiencies. I hope that helps. . . . Doug Schneider