To Doug Schneider,

I enjoyed your review of the Vivid B1 speaker. For several years I have used Wilson-Benesch Discovery speakers in my main system. These also have extra-rigid cabinets, using carbon fiber and aluminum, and have drive units made by the company. To my ears they provide exceptional clarity, which becomes obvious when listening to more conventional speakers as they tend to sound “hi-fi” rather than being like music. I assume that it is the lack of sound radiated from the cabinets.

Have you compared these two speakers and would you have any comments?

Nigel Hodges 

I’ve heard Wilson-Benesch’s speakers various times at shows, but I’ve never reviewed them, so I can’t comment conclusively about their sound. What I do know about the Vivid B1s, as well as speakers such as Revel’s Ultima Salon2, which I use as a reference, is that they’re exceptionally neutral as well as utterly clean and transparent sounding, which has mostly to do with the way the cabinet is constructed, the quality of the drivers that they use, and the crossover implementation. It’s not just one thing, but the total of all the parts and how the design has been executed. Although nothing is lined up now, you’ve piqued my interested in Wilson-Benesch’s offerings. Perhaps we’ll make it a priority to review a Wilson-Benesch speaker next year and see how they stack up. . . . Doug Schneider