Bryston and the Summer of 1978

To Doug Schneider,

Back in 1978, I was a very fortunate college student in that I found a way to purchase a pair of Rogers LS3/5a loudspeakers. In 1980, my roommates and I were robbed twice, which, along with momma’s State Farm insurance plan, led to a backup record player -- a Harman Kardon “twenty” complete with factory-aligned (and correctly aligned) Ortofon Concorde pickup.

One evening, courtesy of a classmate’s uncle, I hooked up a loaner set of electronics -- an Audio Research SP-3 preamplifier and a Bryston 4B amplifier (and now you know the connection). THAT created some magic to my then unjaded ears. Rickie Lee was singing when a roommate walked in -- he stopped, listened, and said, “It sounds like she’s in the room!”

(Indeed, it did.)

Later that year, one of my other roommates blamed me for turning him into an audiophile -- I blame those BBC monitors.

Thanks for your article.

Best regards,
Jim Susky
United States

P.S. Thanks also for the photo of an “original” 4B -- a plain Jane that really “put out” for a few hours.

That’s a great story! . . . Doug Schneider