To Doug Schneider,

I am writing to thank you for your most recent article on the measurements of the Purifi Audio Eigentakt amplifier. I found it so enlightening and revealing that I’m seriously considering the purchase of the NAD Masters M33 integrated amp, even though some of its measurements are not quite as good as the Eigentakt itself.

I am a blind person and your article was most useful because of the written descriptions of what was shown by the graphs -- very useful for those who can’t see.

May I make a suggestion? I realize that this might be a bit more work, but providing brief explanatory notes on the highlights of speaker measurements you publish would be a huge help. At the moment, only the graphs are shown, with the exception of the sensitivity ratings.

Again, a whole lot of thanks!

Yvon Provencher

Thank you for the feedback. You make a good point about the speaker-measurement graphs -- let me see what we can do going forward. . . . Doug Schneider