One of Doug's Best?

To Doug Schneider,

I just finished reading your article on The Record Centre. What a fine way to start my Monday! This is a good-news article, especially in these most trying of times. It made me smile, and it feels good to know that passion and smarts prevail in business.

This is possibly one of the finest pieces you’ve done, Doug. I wish you continued success and urge you to keep fighting the good fight. We need success stories like this more than ever.

Stay safe, and here’s to the future. May it bring us more good news.


P.S. If I didn’t have a Luxman integrated amplifier, Accuphase would be my other choice. They’re seriously good.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the article. As for Luxman and Accuphase, I agree—I really like both brands, too. . . . Doug Schneider