Disagreement with Doug's Opinion Piece

To Doug Schneider,

Although I respect your opinions and certainly those of Floyd Toole and others like him, your recent piece on SoundStage! Hi-Fi is not entirely accurate. As a scientist who has studied the human auditory system, I can say that audiophiles do not fully appreciate that the major determinants of an individual’s appreciation of reproduced sound quality are innate features, such as genetics, and trained listening. Most auditory scientists agree that human variance in sensory perception and central components of the nervous system are the primary variables that impact one’s ability to resolve sound frequencies and other features important for musical appreciation. Age-related deafness or other hearing damage is not responsible for the majority of this variation.

I do agree with you that web discussions on social media, even among audiophiles, are often filled with vitriol and bizarre behavior that is inappropriate, and I doubt these same people would behave like this during face-to-face discussions.

Thank you,
Gerry H.
United States