To Doug Schneider,

Thanks for your article on people who deny scientific, objective evaluation of audio equipment. Though I have no expensive equipment now, I have followed audio for 45 years, ever since I was 12 years old and had the “wow!” experience of hearing a good setup. Every week I browse the Daily Audiophile site, and recently yours was the second article I read. The first one was Jay Jay French’s “Goodbye to the House Mike Kay Built.”

While Mr. Kay sounds like a legitimate art salesman, I think Mr. French unwittingly reveals why the audio market is failing. I, for one, can think of no reason to spend $22,000 on speaker wire with no way to tell if it would sound different from a $22 pair of wires. I’m pretty sure my ears could not identify a $22,000 difference. The article also notes that these types of equipment are like Rolls-Royce automobiles, which I would say are rare and not necessarily a display of value in transportation.

In short, art is a subjective experience based upon many different things, not least what the art reveals about its owner. If you can afford a Warhol painting, a Rolls-Royce, or a $150,000 MBL audio system, it really says more about your bank account than your knowledge of art, autos, or audio.

I commend you and your website for following Dr. Toole and others like him, who have actually tried to expand our knowledge of the science of audio so that we can enjoy the art of music.

United States