To Doug Schneider,

A couple of weeks ago, I received a SoundStage! Network e-mail that contained a link to the SoundStage! Take 2 video review of the Bryston B135 Cubed integrated amplifier. The link led to a YouTube presentation by Jay Lee, who indicated that Philip Beaudette’s review of the B135 Cubed was upcoming. So, two weeks later, I’m writing to inquire as to when you think the review might be published. I’m waiting for it with great anticipation as I’m thinking of purchasing the amp.

Yvon Provencher

Hello Yvon,

The Bryston B135 Cubed review is scheduled to appear on this site on June 15, but since we’ve had it in the review queue for longer than we would’ve liked, we’ll probably “leak” it about a week early.

Doug Schneider