Doug the Nut

Doug, you nut!

My home theater has four Rythmik Audio L12 Direct Servo subs acting as speaker stands for the two front KEF LS50s.

Honestly, there is no such thing as too many subs unless you have to step over them. Having a true 20Hz–20kHz system does not suck.

Some people prefer giant monkey coffins to a sub/sat system, but I think that liberating your mains from the burden of reproducing low bass pays a lot of sonic dividends. And, of course, you can place the subs where they sound best if your room is less than ideal acoustically. Fortunately, my room is awesome so that’s not a problem.

All the best, you kook.
Jeffrey Henning
United States

Hello again,

Four subwoofers does seem excessive to me, but if it works for you, I won’t argue with the approach. I also won’t argue with you when you say that a system that reproduces from 20Hz to 20kHz “does not suck”—it’s what many audiophiles dream of.

Doug Schneider