To Doug Schneider, 

I enjoyed your review of the Vivid Audio B1. I also thought that these speakers were style over substance until I went to CES last year and found that all the rooms they were in sounded great. After investigating further it seems to me that the level of engineering involved in these speakers is a cut above the competition. Good to see that they are finally getting their due from your publication and others. I would love to see an interview with Mr. Dickie, he seems to be an unusual talent. Thanks again. 

Tim McGeary

Thanks for your feedback. I agree that Vivid Audio is doing something quite special with their loudspeakers; in fact, I can now let the cat out of the bag and tell our readers that the B1 received our Pioneering Design Achievement award for 2010. The B1 is something quite special and I hope that my review and our award causes more people to seek them out. I’m actually planning to interview Laurence Dickie at CES 2011 in January if he is able to make it over from England. . . . Doug Schneider