Amplifier for Estelon YBs

Bonjour Jason,

I just received my Estelon YB speakers. I read very good things from you on the Simaudio 860A v2 amplifier. Have you tested this amp with the YBs? If yes, what is your opinion on this association? Thank you for your answer.

My best wishes for this new year.

Paris, France


I still have my YBs—I think you’ll be very happy with them. I don’t think you could possibly go wrong with the Simaudio 860A v2, as it’s a fantastic amplifier. That said, I’m currently reviewing the Hegel H30A power amplifier, and I think it’s a wonderful match to the YBs. I don’t have the Simaudio here to compare, but either amplifier would work very well with your speakers.

Jason Thorpe