Magico to Replace Acoustic Research?


I enjoyed reading your Magico A1 review. Quick question: I want to upgrade my mid-1970s AR11s with smaller, better-performing speakers to fit my home office. I like the acoustic-suspension sound defined by the old AR, KLH, and Advent loudspeakers. I know I need to hear it for myself, but that’s not easy as I live in Charleston, South Carolina (great for antiques and restaurants, not good for audio equipment).

Given all of that, do the Magico A1 and A3 speakers have the potential to be AR11 replacements with their 45-year newer technology, etc.? If so, the four-hour drive to Greensboro will be pretty short.

Thanks very much,
United States

Hello, thank you for your email. The words “have potential” jumped out at me because that makes your question easier to answer.

Magico’s A1 and A3 are both good loudspeakers. Furthermore, either model should surpass your nearly 50-year-old AR11 if for no other reason than loudspeaker technology has come a long way since then. That’s because designers know more, the technology has advanced, and the materials available for speaker parts today are more plentiful. That all adds up to the potential to make better speakers today.

But will the A1 or A3 speakers thrill you? That I can’t say because your listening preferences have to be satisfied. I can only say they have the potential to, which is what you asked. But I must also add that plenty of other speakers have the potential to do so as well. Nevertheless, I think a four-hour drive would be worth it for you so that you know. Heck, I’ve driven for four hours for less important things. I hope that helps.

Doug Schneider