All the Right Points on Vinyl

Hi Doug,

It was a great article! You hit all the right points with your usual balanced perspective. Like you and many others, I am not an absolutist when it comes to music reproduction. All sources can produce great music when properly matched and, more importantly, when located in a suitable listening environment. As a middle-aged man, I still have records from my youth (I have about a thousand LPs and about the same number of CDs, and I also stream from Tidal). I rarely buy new vinyl as most of my listening is from digital sources. The exception is well-recorded, well-pressed reissues, or new albums (even those with digital “tinkering,” though I won’t get into the MoFi debacle here). I am happy to see the younger generation getting into LPs, no matter their motivation, but given the prices of new LPs, I don’t think the extra 10–20 dollars compared to the price of the same CD is worth it.

Thank you,