Bright Siltechs?

To Doug Schneider,

Are the Siltech cables with silver in the wire likely to sound bright or highlight the “S” or “Z” or “CH” sounds of the human voice? My speakers are the Harbeth Super HL5 powered by an Accuphase E560 integrated amp and fed by a CEC TL1N/DA1N transport/DAC.

Thank you in advance for your views.

W. K. Leong

Thanks for your e-mail. There seems to be a general consensus among audiophiles that silver-based cables can sound bright. Frankly, I’m not sure that’s necessarily true -- I think it has more to do with the electronics people are using. What’s important, though, is what the Siltech Classic Anniversary cables I reviewed sounded like, at least in the context of my system. I found these to be the smoothest, most detailed, and least-fatiguing cables I’ve ever used. Extended in the highs? Yes, definitely. Bright? Not one bit. Do they highlight “S” or “Z” or “CH” sounds? From what I could hear, not at all. . . . Doug Schneider