To Doug Schneider, 

After reviewing many articles and listening to the Magico V2s I was ready to make the big plunge and buy my new speakers. That was until I read your article about the Vivid Audio B1s and how impressed you were with their sound. If cost is not the object, then which of these two speakers would you buy? 

Steven Sorotsky 

I've reviewed and praised both speakers. Both speakers also received Reviewers' Choice awards. But they're certainly not the same.

I’d buy the B1s because I think their presentation through the mids and highs is state of the art. But that doesn’t mean that you should buy them too. The V2s lack the punch that the B1s have in the bass but did go deeper in my room, which can make them sound fuller than the B1s. And while I really like what the B1s do in the midrange (their resolution and transparency are second to none), the V2s are extraordinarily smooth to the point of being almost “velvety,” and that’s a quality something many people will like over the B1s, which might come across to some people as being “too precise.” So even though my preference is currently the B1, it’s not going to be everyone’s. There are no clear winners because each speaker is excellent, and they each have strengths and weaknesses that the buyer must ultimately decide on. . . . Doug Schneider