To Doug Schneider,

I bought the Revel Salon2 in 2007, long before you published a review of them. I love the clean and neutral tonality of it. I drive them with Moon W-7M mono amps. But, like every audiophile, upgrading is always happening. Oh, I got big improvement by using better biwire jumpers with them. My question is: Will I get big improvement in every aspect if I replace the Salon2 with the Wilson MAXX Series 3? I’m curious about the MAXX’s rather old-school tweeter material. Titanium will hit its limit sooner no matter how much Wilson modifies this Focal tweeter. That is why I worry. I like big speakers, but the Magico Q5 is too small. My room is huge at 35x24 feet.

Best regards,
Wiratorn R.

There are some reviewers who feel that Wilson’s MAXX Series 3 is a great speaker, but I’m not one. I find that it strays way too far from neutrality in the upper bass, midrange, and highs to be considered a high-performance design. I also have issues with that tweeter, not just because it’s “old school,” but because to me it sounds tinny and harsh. The beryllium-dome unit that’s in the Salon2 sounds smoother and infinitely more refined, as do the tweeters in use on the latest Magico, Vivid and B&W speaker models. High-performance speaker design in the extreme high end has moved forward in recent years and, in my opinion, speakers like the MAXX Series 3 just haven't kept up.

As I said, there are reviewers who will disagree with me about the MAXX Series 3, so you should put this question to them and you might get a different reply. In my opinion, though, the MAXX S3 certainly isn’t an upgrade to what you already have. . . . Doug Schneider