B&W 803 Diamond or Aerial Acoustics Model 9?


I just finished reading your February 2011 review of the B&W 803 Diamond speaker. Thanks for an excellent read and a very detailed review. Question: Have you listened to the Aerial Acoustics Model 9 (or heard any respected comment on them) and, if so, how would you say they compare?

Admittedly, I'm a lover of the B&W brand and sound (I'm looking to upgrade from the discontinued NT9), but have been looking around. I look forward to receiving your feedback. Thanks much.


Like you, I think the Aerial Acoustics Model 9 would be great competition for the B&W 803 Diamond. Up till now, we have not reviewed an Aerial speaker, however, so I'm not real sure I'll be able to find out how the 9 would fare. It does look like a nice, modern design, and, of course, Aerial has an excellent reputation. We can certainly inquire about a pair to review. . . . Jeff Fritz