To Randall Smith,

I read a review you wrote on the B&W 684 speakers recently. What caught my eye were your review components. I have the B&W 803S speakers and I use the Krell S300i integrated to power them. I might make some changes in the future and was wondering how you like the Classé Delta CA-2200 or Simaudio i5.3? Thanks in advance for the response.

Randy Ragsdale

I recently had the Krell S300i in my system powering a pair of two-way Vivid V1.5 speakers and really liked it. While the little integrated amp isn't a real reference component, the user interface and overall sound made it a pleasure to own and have in my system. As far as how the Classé or Simaudio may better the S300i, I would say that the Classé would demonstrate more control over your B&Ws and also provide more push in the bass. It would also give your system more headroom. As for the Simaudio, it will give you greater transparency and a wider, more detailed soundstage. But, you will pay more to achieve the greater fidelity -- the i 5.3 sells for $4299, while the S300i is $2500. However, I also believe the user interface of the S300i to be more enjoyable to use than that of the i5.3, so that swings things again in the other direction. . . . Randall Smith