JE Audio versus Atma-Sphere

To Doug Schneider,

Thanks for you informative review of [the JE Audio VL10.1 preamp]! I have been searching for a preamp for my Atma-Sphere M-60 amp. Your description of the sound of this preamp is very similar to what people have described about the Atma-Sphere preamps (MP-1 and MP-3). The price is similar to the MP-3. Have you heard the MP-3? I was wondering how it compares to the VL10.1.


I’ve heard good things about Atma-Sphere’s preamps, but, unfortunately, I haven’t heard them in my own system, so I can’t tell you how they compare. The only thing I can say is, if the MP-3 sounds like the VL10.1 it’s got to be very, very good. . . . Doug Schneider