To Randall Smith,

My name is Adriano and I'm from Brazil. I read your review of the KEF Reference 205/2 speakers and found it very interesting. I have them here at home and love them. Could you tell me what are the best speaker cables and interconnects for them? Siltech, Nirvana? Thanks for help!

Adriano C. Neme

It would be tough for me to advise you as to which cables would work best for you and your speakers without knowing your listening room and, most important, how you perceive them to sound. If you are happy with the sound you have presently, then a really neutral brand of cables would be a good choice. However, if you wish to alter the sound of your system in a way that tweaks the speakers more toward your tastes, then there are other cable choices that can help you achieve that. Overall, I imagine that, since you purchased a pair of KEF speakers you will want a more neutral-sounding cable. Good luck with your search. You certainly have a great pair of speakers. . . . Randall Smith