To Doug Schneider,

I am currently looking for an upgrade to either the Simaudio Moon Evolution 600i or 700i, or to the Devialet D-Premier. I read your reviews and both integrated amps seem to be very well commented on. May I know what you would choose if you were me?


This is a great question. The Devialet D-Premier is more expensive than both Simaudio models you mentioned, but it also contains a DAC. If your plan is to use the D-Premier through its digital inputs, which means you’d feed it a digital signal from a computer or disc server, then I’d recommend it, providing you can afford what it costs. I’ve found no integrated amplifier that’s better when fed a digital source. But if you already have another DAC or disc player and wish to use the digital-to-analog converter in one of those devices and feed the analog signal into the D-Premier, then the answer isn’t so clear. In fact, in that case I’d probably lean more to the Simaudio pieces because they’re priced a little cheaper and are also capable of providing outstanding sound quality. . . . Doug Schneider